Know how curp y rfc code is constructed with its pros

The process of getting CURP cards was started on 23 October 1996 through the federal government and with presidential agreement meant for acceptance. This agreement allows assigning CURP code number those who are living in Mexico and for Mexicans are living abroad. The size of rfc y curp is 8.6 cm long and 5.4 cm wide that can easily fit in your wallets. In the front of this card, you would see the string of CURP 18 characters, surnames; give names, a folio number and the date of registration. Rest of all information is described in the back of this card which proves that it is an original card code.

Mention these two names-
• Enter the first surname of father’s
• Enter the second surname of mother
You have to assign CURP code of 18 characters is as follows:
• The first inside vowel and first surname’s initial
• You have to know that second surname’s initial
• Then give first initial name because it is vital
• Enter date of birth (enter two digits for day, month and year)
• The first, second and third surname’s second inside should be constant
• For married women, only maiden name is used
• In the last, you will have to enter the same code which is given in federal entity. Then after verification, you can generate your curp y rfc code.

In these days CURP code is an essential for schools, passport, secure records of companies, tax filings, health services and other government services. The CURP code number is very useful and use in entire civil registry entity records. Besides this, you can’t make use of Tourist Visa to attain a CURP card. There is a long listing of government offices in which you can get CURP card. Get connected to this link and access to your card.