Visualize the tapestry showflat and visualize the paradise

The Tapestry condominium will be finished soon, and its units are being sold quickly. Do not miss the opportunity to get yours before the availability runs out, visit The Tapestry website and know the tapestry showflat does not look like a paradise? Become part of it.

The tapestry floor Plan reveals the interior of your units available for sale, they are differentiated by type, design, distribution, number of rooms and more. There are more types of units, such as one-room units or two-room units.

Even so, the units, thanks to their differences, make The Tapestry a condominium suitable for all families or people who seek to live alone.

Interested in finding units with up to five rooms, balcony, study, extra bathrooms, among other types of areas will also get units that fit them.

Get your appointment or call the number indicated on their website, and check the tapestry price you are interested in. Also, find out how you can get a discount on your purchase to win.

The real estate company City Developments Limited is developing The Tapestry, a project with great opportunities to become prominent throughout the area, which is because not only its prices are an advantage, like its units and its fabulous location within the residential area called Tampines in Singapore.

It is also due to the popularity that City Developments Limited has acquired, a company that has managed to develop thousands of homes in many different areas, obtaining different awards for the perfect fulfillment of its work, exceeding expectations of quality and modernity, The designs of their buildings being highly valued.

The Tapestry is the perfect opportunity to soon be part of a new, modern community, duly surrounded by all the necessary services; for the comfort of the members of the family and the condominium.

The atmosphere of The Tapestry is like no other, open, natural and elegant.

Great deals with Tapestry Singapore

The idea of a perfect residence is a place that you find secure and comfortable to relax and grow. The reason for home developments would continue to bother along that reason and anytime it fails to project such reason, it would only fail to keep its tenant. The city developments limited are development firms that are committed to providing the best places and homes for people to find comfort in Singapore. This year they have announced tone of the most affordable launch of condos in 2018. These condos are to be opened on the second quarter of 2018 and is shown to feature so much facilities that would get you thinking what you should be thing. “Yes, you have to live in tapestry singapore

Tapestry Singapore is built with major facilities that you find in apartment buildings such as a lap pool for weekend plays and fun, it also have a children play area, so you have nothing to worry about. It is also characterized by a club house facility which also features relaxation points. Around the building are amenities such as supermarkets, coffeehouse and so much more. It gives you a surrounding where everything is complete so you can get all the comfort you want and deserve. These facilities are built to give your stay an around stability and completeness, such that you are sure that whenever you are at home, you can get anything you want.
Tapestry Singapore might seem little fancy but yet it is affordable because the target tenants are the students and lecturers of the neighboring polytechnic. This is an offer that you can’t afford to miss. This is a great deal to enjoy leaving in this amazing condominium with great facilities, breathtaking views and amenities that would make you feel like you just created your own world.