Guide to iBoss Login and Settings

The iBoss router acts as an interface between the web and your PC. It is a controller for your routers or modems. Whatever settings or updating or changes that you incorporate, will be stored in it. iboss login lets you perform the following settings on your modem:

• Set a new name for your network from the default name.
• Set the Wi-Fi network name as well as the password.
• Set your own username and password.
• Set the client address of DHCP. Dynamic Host Control Protocol provides an IP (Internet Protocol) Host, with its own IP address.
• Set a firewall for increased security.
All these can be performed only after accessing the web interface.
Iboss login: Steps and Directions
The iBoss web interface can be accessed quite easily; you just need to access the network and the internet web browser. Following are the steps for smooth iboss login.
Step-1: At first, switch on your iBoss and wait till the power light is completely green.
Step-2: Next, connect with your iBoss router properly, whether it is with an Ethernet cable or with the help of Wi-Fi.
Step-3: Next, open your web browser. At the top, you will find the default IP address of the router. Usually, all the iBoss routers are provided with the same default IP address which is It can also be accessed from the website

Step-4: You also need to note down the LAN IP address of your modem router. If the above mentioned IP address doesn’t work, you can also search ‘default iBoss IP address list’ to look for other available IP addresses.
Step-5: After this, the web interface of the iBoss must open, and you need to type your username and password for i-boss login. In case there’s any problem with the username or password, you can go to ’default iboss credentials’ and check for default usernames and passwords for logging-in.
You can change any settings based on your need after successful log-in.
Does one need to be tech-savvy in order to perform the log-in operation?
The answer is NO. Anyone, with little or no knowledge about computers, can perform these steps easily. The iboss login is very simple, and iBoss is extremely user-friendly, without requiring any software installation or long, tiresome manuals to be read.