The best in game ad you get it thanks to Tapgerine

Mobile applications are a very useful tool nowadays because they range from recommendations and health, lifestyle and games utilities to other more specific applications. So, it is very useful to include ads in them because of the reach they have, which makes reaching a more diverse audience. Especially, the mobile games for the fans that you can capture around the world.

Thus, it is important that they have a useful tool to help them include in game ad, for this, Tapgerine arrived, who offer the advertising insertion management service so that your mobile applications begin to monetize, in this way, you will take out the better financial benefit of your app. Tapgerine is the best option because, it can include advertising without affecting the relevant content of the game, making the user feel very how to use the application.

In addition, they offer a monitoring system for the statistics of the impact of the advertisement and the application itself, to keep abreast of downloads that your application is generating and thus, evaluate their performance within the application stores. Thus, you can have full control of the inclusion of in game ad, which thanks to the algorithm of Tapgerine is adapted according to the region, device and operating system of each individual user.

In turn, they have different tools that enhance your ads. For example, they offer the possibility of rewarding the user if they visualize in full announcement, with coins or points within the game, as a way of encouraging them to consume the advertisement while being rewarded in some way. And all this, with the ability of global reach to reach a larger audience and those who would be more interested in each particular announcement, according to the product or service that is offered.

In short, the best inclusion service of in game ad you will get in Tapegerine, where you guarantee the success of the monetization of your application, with the best ad system, with innovative algorithms that you