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Prostitution is one of the most primitive trades that have existed in humanity and that is still practiced hundreds of years later. However, this has always been surrounded by a large number of negative precepts, because it was said that it was full of sins and perversions, and in this way, they made it look like the worst activity to which a woman could dedicate herself.
Over the years this seemed to worsen, as clandestine societies were created that made women work in the street and in addition to offering sexual services, served as a means for drug trafficking and other acts of vandalism. In this way, prostitutes became socially unacceptable and illegal.
But something that cannot be denied is the need for people to feel cared for and to have contact with a person at a more intimate level. In view of this arose other more decent and different ways of getting the company of a woman, which can be called as a type of modern prostitution, although not in all cases sexual pleasure is given.
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