What employers should know when using maid employment agencies

If you want to hire a Foreign domestic helper (外傭),the best option you have is to hire the person through an employment agency. There are many foreign domestic helper employment agencies you can choose from online. The majority of these agencies are properly regulated and licensed by labor departments and relevant government agencies meaning that they follow regulations and rules. When using these agencies to hire a foreign domestic helper, it is crucial that you understand the different packages offered by these agencies to ensure that you know the right questions to ask the agencies and avoid any form of deception.

Most maid agencies have their own categories of housemaids. Some agencies recruit foreigners, and others recruit both foreigners and locals. For most employers, they prefer hiring housemaids who live within the locality or are natives of their country. Still, there are many employers who prefer foreigners as their housemaids since most foreigners are always willing to work in unique environments. When choosing a maid agency (女傭) to hire a housemaid, employers should consider cost. The agency’s cost or the general cost of hiring a housemaid will mostly depend on what the employer needs.

As noted, most agencies categorize their maids. Therefore, if you want to hire a local domestic filipino maid (僱傭), you will have to pay more money depending on the agency you use. Secondly, if you want to hire an overseas domestic housemaid, you will have to pay less money than a local domestic maid. There are also other overseas domestic maids who have lost their jobs and are looking for one. These maids are experienced, and as such, you are likely to pay more money to hire them. Generally, all agencies will charge different rates for their services. Therefore, do your research to ensure that you use the best employment agency to hire a domestic maid.