Interior Glaze, guaranteed secondary glazing London

Interior Glaze is a secondary glazing company in London that offers the best products on the market. Its double glazed windows consist of two glass panels and one of plastic, with a very thin aluminum extrusion, practically imperceptible but highly resistant. This system is the thinnest you can find in the market, which makes the windows have a very aesthetic finish without affecting its high quality.

With double glazed windows, you can enjoy soundproofed rooms in up to 80%, thus being able to enjoy quieter environments.

On the other hand, thermal insulation minimizes heat loss in winter, which translates into warmer rooms and saving energy and money in your heating system. But also, it provides greater visual comfort because the entry of sunlight does not dazzle, so it takes much better natural light.

All Interior glaze secondary glazing london windows are efficient in acoustic and thermal insulation, made of high-quality aluminum, which makes them very durable, but also easy to maintain. Confident in their quality, all products have a guarantee of ten years.

The characteristics of all the types of secondary double glazing windows can be seen on the page, each detail of its aluminum extrusions, its components and its dimensions to guide you in the choice of the best option for your commercial premises, home or special requirements of Your building listed. Likewise, you can order a custom design.

All window designs adapt equally well to residential, commercial or heritage environments. You can choose from a catalog of windows with frames, arched, sliding, removable, and hinged or guillotine.

Customers can make their inquiries free of charge through a form available on the company’s website The team is trained to advise you and answer all your concerns, as well as offer you the products that best suit all your requirements.