What is the Best Penis Extender?

It is a small device that slowly and naturally stretches your penis longer and thicker by up to 1-4 inches total. The stretch you feel while wearing it means it’s working.

What results can I expect with a Penis Extender?

You can see visible growth within just 1 week’s time! Over the coming weeks you will see constant growth in length and thickness. Your results are permanent and stay with you whether you use it 2 hours a day or 12. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com

How does it work?

Like a muscle workout, the device makes tiny rips in the tissue which makes cells multiply for fast, even growth. This gives you a much stronger, bigger and healthier look, erect or not!

Is it safe?

Yes the device is generally safe to use. Avoid cheap or homemade devices. Buy a quality device like SizeGenetics – one of the most comfortable device with a special “comfort strap” no other device has. I highly recommend it having used it to gain over 3.5 inches myself.

Penis Extender Reviews

Among the 7 penis enlargers I have used, the 3 below get my highest vote. SizeGenetics is probably the most medically qualified (safest) and easy to use penis enlargement device on the market. If you can afford it, get their full system with exercises, sex tips & more. You can get a $50 discount if you order from this site. The FastSize comes in a variety of types and payment plans to fit all budgets and also comes highly recommended for quick results and comfort.


SizeGenetics gives you the fastest gains possible with it’s combination of a clinically proven penis extender and exercise DVD. The system also includes sex/dating DVDs and more for complete sexual mastery! Now even more comfortable to wear thanks to its new patented comfort strap technology, you can see gains faster by being able to wear it longer. Cheap or homemade devices may cause irritation or even pain if you wear them for too long.
Now included in SizeGenetics is a PenisHealth online membership and DVD.
PenisHealth, hands down the most effective penis enlargement program ever (most sites are crap), gives you more ways to increase your size, strength sex drive, and stamina (last longer in bed). In the complete package you will also get 2 LoveCentria DVDs to really up your game both in and out of the bedroom!
SizeGenetics is your best solution for fast easy penis enlargement and is only available at SizeGenetics.com through the link below. Order now and improve your life today.


The FastSize device was the only other one I tested that came close to the fast results and comfort I got with SizeGenetics. FastSize is slightly cheaper than getting just the SizeGenetics device, and you can still get 10% off.
You will still see gains with FastSize though and it is also clinically proven to increase your penis size.
You can also get FastSize in a full package which comes with RoaringTiger pills (a powerful sexual enhancement supplement), stretching creams, exercise guide, tape measure, erection meter to see how hard you are and plenty of spare parts. (SizeGenetics charges you for spare parts).
Being a slightly different but almost equal product in terms of quality, FastSize is still highly ranked as #2. If you want to save a little money and still get great results and try some top penis pills, get FastSize now.