The bluon energy, the lifespan of your system

The new blue technology refrigerant helps you reduce the power consumption of your air conditioning system by at least 30%. This new generation of refrigerants created to protect the ozone layer also contributes to optimizing the work of your system, helping you to save consumption costs and operating time. This is equivalent to extending the life of your equipment.

The bluon energy came to improve the performance of your system through a new formula that allows the cooling process to be much more solid and fast. The effects of this refrigerant do not adversely affect the ozone layer. The tdx 20 is the replacement refrigerant of the most indicated R-22, r20 and r-20. It works with the same performance in low, medium and high-temperature systems, reducing amperage consumption by up to 25%. Bluon offers many advantages, apart from the environmental benefits, it is not flammable or toxic, it is easy to supply and install, it helps to reduce the effort of the compressor and increases the productivity of the coil.

The blue energy refrigerant is the best since it has remarkable ecological results that are not comparable with any other formula on the market. This is the result of 3 years of testing and research among five refrigerants together to help improve the efficiency of all HVAC systems.

Learn all the information about the new blue energy refrigerant at and know what is best for your equipment. Do not risk testing other refrigerants whose effectiveness has not yet been proven.

This product will change your life forever, since it will only bring many benefits with its use, with the new technology offered by the blue energy refrigerant, you save money, reduce your electricity consumption, increase the performance of your system and help us all to live in a healthier world.

If you want a better planet, the use of tdx 20 refrigerant is the best

Life on earth has grown and evolved over time. Thanks to this, companies and industries have seen the need to resort even more to the natural resources that the planet Earth offers us. However, the extraction of these materials, whatever they may be, has an impact on the normal development of life in this ecosystem, so that companies have had to deal with the damages they can produce in the land to pay for their own benefits, all this, thanks to years of creating regulations and laws for which this process has been implemented, which can be called sustainable development.

Taking the case of refrigerants as an example, it can be said that until very recently there was no response to the effect caused by the use of r-20 in the ozone layer. The use of substance r20 is one of the main reasons why the ozone layer is opening. Due to that, the use of it has been reduced since 2004 and it is planned to eliminate its use in 2020. However, the use of alternative refrigerants increases energy consumption by 30%, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. It can be said that this change of r20 does not change the damage to the environment at all taking into account the consequences of using alternative refrigerants.
The Energia Bluon tdx 20 refrigerant is one of the latest and best advances in the refrigerant market. The use of this mainly reduces the consumption of energy from 5 to 25%, besides not affecting the ozone layer as the r20 did. Added to this, its production is much cheaper than the production of r20, so it benefits the companies and the planet at the same time. For more information about Bluon and all that comes with using tdx 20, visit

Essential oils for energy- benefits of using essential oils

Essential oils for energy are highly concentrated made with non-water soluble photochemical extracted from various distilled parts of different plants. The oils are distilled from various leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and different parts of plants that are very potent because they have a concentration of photochemical. Plants and herbs are used for thousands of years, most people in the present era have forgotten the essential needs and of natural solutions. However, essential oils for energy and focus are widely popular and used for several health purposes. If you make use of them, then you will be offered with several amazing health benefits.

Therefore, here are the benefits of using essential oils for energy:
Sleep and relaxation
The best and the most well-known benefit of using essential oils is that these oils can feel relax when you are tired of working or feeling sleepy. There are other methods also to use essential oils; you can place them in your office room because the fragrance of the oil is natural and overwhelming that makes people feel relax and energetic.
Mood elevating
Just like a diffuser essential oils for energy and focus can help your de-stress, they even help you feel energetic and makes your mood elevating. This is one of the best natural solutions that you can use when you are feeling depressed or sad. You can also make use essential oils to inspire high spirit during your holidays and to set a good atmosphere for the business meeting.

Pain relief
People make use of essential oils for pain relief also because using them you can easily get rid of the severe pain that occurs in any part of your body. This is an excellent method to combat persistent pain that occurs in sore joints, neck, and muscles.
So these were the few benefits of using essential oils for energy.
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