Why punters don’t win soccer jackpots

There are many football jackpots offered by gambling agents in which a lucky punter can walk away with millions of dollars or pounds. But one thing with jackpots is that very few people actually win. In fact, it takes months before a lucky punter can win a soccer jackpot. One reason people do not win these jackpots is that all outcomes must be correct in order to win the jackpot. This is tricky because bookmakers that offer jackpots select more than 10 teams for the jackpot prize. There are bookies who put the number of teams to be an odd number (11, 13, 15, etc.).

In accumulators, punters are required to select a minimum of 5 teams and all outcomes must be true at the end of the games as selected by a punter. You find that, not all punters get all five outcomes correctly, and the prices are always less than $1,000. But for a jackpot, a punter has more than 10 teams, and all selections must be correct. Punters do not win jackpots most of the time because bookies such ascasino SBOBET put equally matched teams in the jackpot. For example, a jackpot can have teams such as Chelsea and Liverpool or Sunderland and Aston Villa.

In addition, jackpots also have teams from the lowest leagues, which make it very difficult for punters to research on the teams due to lack of statistics or online resources that show the strengths of these teams. If you want to play the jackpot, it is actually your luck that will make you a winner. You can research on all teams and look for weaknesses or strengths in all teams. But at the end of the day your selections must be correct to win the jackpot. A soccer agent online is putting millions of dollars online and you should not expect the bookie to put easy games for everyone to win. click here to get more information domino qq.