Buying Diamond Jewelry – What’s a Cushion Cut Diamond?

Choosing an interesting cut is one of the most exciting parts about buying fantasy diamonds jewelry. And even though the two things are closely linked, the form and the cut of a diamond aren’t similar. Whereas the cut of a diamond refers to the amount, placement and percentage of those aspects around the gemstone, the contour refers to its general form.

The Cushion cut is a combination of this modern Oval cut plus a deep cut with large aspects, called the Old Mine cut that was popular in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And since it was a silhouette popularized before the introduction of electric lights, the Cushion cut is also called the Candlelight cut since that has been the lighting where it sparkled!

All in all, the Cushion cut creates a squarish shape diamond with curved corners. The recommended diameter to length ratio for this particular cut would be 1.25 to 1.30 for a rectangular pillow effect and between 1.00 and 1.05 for a square pillow! It has 64 large and open aspects that permit the interior of the gemstone to be clearly noticed. For this reason it is more important to decide on a high clarity instead of a high carat diamond.

This cut also suits diamonds with good colour like yellow and blue diamonds and perhaps even black diamonds, but these are clearly an odd choice for an engagement ring! The Cushion cut plus a superb cut for coloured gemstones and has been the first clip to be utilized to aspect Sri Lankan rubies and “Ceylon” sapphires.

Even though the resultant gemstone isn’t quite as brilliant and full of flame since the Princess or the Round Brilliant cut, there’s still a great deal of sparkle. But what makes this clip so unique is the amount of luster, or surface manifestation effect, it delivers from the gemstone. In reality, together with a Princess cut, the Cushion is your only other cut that maximises the luster of a gemstone.