What are the benefits of staying in Homestay di Melaka?

When we are going to a new place alone, then the most important thing is to know where to stay. It is quite challenging to the traveler to find the best place to stay for two to three days. If you are going to Melaka, then Homestay in Melaka (Homestay di Melaka) is the best option for you. The homestay offers all types of room to the travelers in affordable to stay. There are lots of benefits to staying in homestay as compared to the hotels and resorts.

Following are the benefits of staying in Homestay di Melaka:
Meet local people:
When you stay in the Homestay Melaka, then you experience new things that you won’t experience in the hotel. You meet with the local people and talk to them. You also get to live with them and experience their lifestyle.
Value for money:
If you stay in the homestay, then it is a great value for money. Homestay available in the affordable range and they also offer local food to you. But, if you choose hotels to stay, then you need to spend more money, and in hotel sometime you can’t get local food.
Moving to a new place:
Moving to a new place is both exciting and daunting. When you arrive at the new destination, you are unfamiliar with the surroundings. To familiar with the surrounding, it takes sometimes. Stay in Homestay di Melaka, you will meet with the local people, and in their house, you feel more secure and comfortable than another stay inn.

Share a meal:
In all the homestay, you can take breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them the family. This is the best thing about the homestay.
Sometimes, most of the people miss their family, when they visit the new destination. If you want family surrounding, then stay in Homestay di Melaka and also share your meal with them.

More about Homestay of Malaysia

Homestay in Melaka Homestay di Melaka is a programe launched in 1995 under the initiative of Rural Tourism aiming at increased participation of rural community towards tourism industry. Also it was for reducing migration of rural-urban people.

The main objective behind Homestay programe is fulfilling the needs of:
To offer unique experience of the Malaysian rural culture and lifestyle
To develop recognized rural hospitality internationally with packages at competitive price
Rural Community
To share all the benefits of their tourism industry with rural communities and encourage them participating in tourism sector.
To boost the income of household and improve standard of living of rural communities that contribute to reduction of poverty and

To develop entrepreneurs of rural tourism and provide more job opportunities.
Homestay programme of Malaysia is actually an experience for tourists to stay with some selected families by interacting and experience their daily life along Malaysian culture. Homestay Melaka is not divided on the basis of accommodation facility. The whole concept is based on lifestyle and tourism empirical. With their unique traditional dances, songs, cuisines and sports along with rural economic activities makes major attraction and offer them unique experience compare to what tourists experience in city. The activities are commonly that comes under homestay packages are:

Lifestyle and Cultural
Learning to sing, dance and cooking traditional cuisines that unique of each places in Malaysia
Traditional competitions of sports and games
Participating in cultural and religious ceremony like wedding ceremony or celebrating Hari Raya
Trip to some nearby tourist sites like hot springs, waterfall and other locations
Rural economic activities
Rubber tapping
Fish farming along fishing at sea or river side
Paddy harvesting
Palm oil or cocoa harvesting
Visiting rural industrial projects.