Long tail keywords VS short keywords: Which works better with SEO?

First, what are keywords? Keywords are words that are typed into a search form like Google to find relevant websites that match the words. Of course that keyword might be related to a service, a type of product, color, information, or it might be anything on the surface of the earth. Mostly these words would form a phrase or a sentence as Google search user pleases. The amount of words that the google searcher uses gives rise to a long tail or short tail keyword. If the words are less than or equal to 3 then it is a short tail keyword. But if it is over three words; then it is a long tail keyword. When you have a goal for your SEO, then your use of these two tools must be strategic.

A short tail keyword can compose of “Stuffed fried chicken”, this phrase is short and because of this the user picks a wide range of categories of “stuffed fried chicken” online. This type of keywords have been observed to be used on more than many searchers, either because, they don’t have specifics or they are in a hurry. Because there are fewer specifics, this translates high traffic generated from the use of short keywords. While it may give you huge traffic, if you are looking at increasing your SEO; you must consider the downside of it. Which is that, your traffic might end up not converting because you might not have exactly what they are looking for. Maybe they had a particular location in mind. Another downside to this, is that there are many businesses competing for the short keywords on adwords.
Long tail keywords on the other hand would carry more detail which would mean that, it can increase your conversion rates, because it is more specific. While it is advisable for small businesses to take advantage of long tail keywords, when working on your seoz, it is important you find a balance to both of these two tools, mostly dependent on those advised by your seo services provider.

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