Keyword Density Computation

Key words are words that are related to the topic of this article. Keyword density is the portion of total key word to the total content of the content in regard to each such key word.
Key Word Frequency
Key Word frequency is somewhat not the same as Single Keywords density. While density is percent of amount of times the search engines locate the key word in the content for indexing it for the searches with total amount of words in the information, frequency is amount of count of this key word.
So don’t combine with frequency. For this post is taken by example. In the event that you set “key word” as the key word in the calculator, you’ll find its density as 10.4% while if you compute manually for frequency it is only 7.9%
Keyword Visibility
Single Keywords visibility is the way that it is put in the webpage. Key words could be put in the title, in the headline tags, and could be boldface, italics, underline etc. as also where they’re put on the webpage.
To do this it’s crucial to put the key word at least first and last paragraphs on this content, in each of the headlines.
Key Word Closeness
Key Word closeness is the way close even more or two key words set on the webpage. As far as possible close the key words to every other.
Search engines give preference to such key words that are close to every other.
1. Consistently do research for key words.
2. Determine key words and then begin writing.
3. Consistently make use of the calculator below to check your keyword density.
4. Till you get to the specified keyword density, add key words.
5. Print or send the webpage to company or web directory.

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