Encrypted Email is the most advanced technology for the protection of your personal emails

At present the electronic mail services, are abundant since this is intended to make possible the exchange of messages between users, taking into account that the messages are received almost instantaneously finding the users in different parts of the world.
In addition, other features that can be offered by an email to users is that they can receive messages on their personal computers or on a smartphone, as long as they are connected to an Internet network, so can respond the messages from wherever you are.

Since, the communication between the users is quickly and easily, we use it to send emails with our personal information, or send some type of document that includes important work material, due to this great amount of information that is being sent and receiving constantly we can be victims of a cyber attack, who is waiting for this information and wants to obtain some type of benefit taking advantage of it, as well as being watched by governmental entities that violate in this way our rights to privacy.
It is for this reason that users are suggested to use secure emails, in our platform we offer secure emails through email encryption.
Your emails will be encrypted automatically end-to-end, using public key cryptography, so even we cannot access and read them, the sender and the recipient will be the only ones that can decode the email.
This system provides security and privacy to our users so that in this way, they can interact in a calm manner and without having to worry that their information can be stolen by a cybercriminal who wants to take advantage of their information.
That is why in CTemplar we offer Encrypted Email it is the best option to protect the content of the email so that these are not read by entities to which the message is not directed.

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