Easily check your iqama status and avoid countermeasures

The iqama is a residence permit that is processed once you are in the Arab country if you entered with a Labor Visa and wish to settle there.If you are working in Arabia it is necessary that you stay informed of the iqama status to avoid having setbacks with your contractor and keep your work visa up to date.It should be very clear that if you enter the country with a work visa, it is recommended to process your iqama in case they should cancel the work visa; the work visa is totally different from a business visa since the latter has a very limited time compared to the work visa.

There are some companies that, while the iqama is being processed, retain their passport and leave it under their protection, commonly in the company’s safes.For the processing of the Iqama requires the support of the company that is hiring, since first, they request photos and copies of the passport, later a series of medical examinations for this procedure, among them blood test, evaluation of blood pressure, weight, height and chest x-rays.There are portals that help check and check iqama constantly because, in case of ending the employment relationship and not having an iqama, you must proceed to the eviction of the country immediately.

The other status of the iqama can also be verified by check iqama huroob, since it determines whether the contracting party or employer changes the employee’s status as a fugitive, this routine is commonly used for those originating in Southeast Asia, since it is of obligatory nature to fulfill the time of the contracting and many of the originating ones of this zone that do not fulfill and if the employee is under this condition there must not be contracts with other companies, since there is breach of contract, the contracting party or sponsor is also called as kafeel.Through the portal, you can verify those status and expiration date of the iqama and you can make any kind of query in case of doubts.

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