Duette Blinds – Perfect for Every Room, Home and Season

To enjoy a comforting and relaxing atmosphere throughout the year, it is crucial to have a complete control over your home’s environment. It can be a daunting task keeping your homes cool in summers and warmer during winters. It is perhaps amusing in this scenario to learn that the ideal blinds contribute in a huge way towards maintaining a comfortable environment in your homes. With over 20 years of experience in providing the perfect blinds for your home, Duette is the original energy saving blind, with a vast range of benefits highly unlikely to be gained anywhere else.

Catering to the unique specifics and requirements of every single room of every home, Duette blinds exude a sleek, sophisticated appeal along with a pragmatic approach towards climate control in your homes. The honeycomb technology minimizes the heat loss from your windows by trapping the air inside, thus reducing your heating bills by up to 25% every year. Therefore, you would not need to turn up that thermostat of yours to stay warm during winters as the blinds retain about 46% extra heat in your homes. The honeycomb design has the opposite effect during summers, by completely nullifying the sun’s glare whilst keeping 76% of the heat outside.

The energy saving blinds is an ideal solution for your conservatories, fitting effortlessly with their architecture and completely revamping it into a place you can use more enjoyably all year round. The made to measure blinds are an amazing way to prevent heat loss during winters and allow heat to fill in during summers for your homes, and are easy to use with sublime motorized options with a range of settings to optimize your conservatory. By reducing noise pollution by up to 45% as well, Duette blinds offer the ideal cost-effective solution to keeping your homes comfortable and maintaining peace and tranquility within.

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