Common areas in a condo

What are different features of living in a condominium that are not available to creating a house within the mid of societies. The most important thing is budget. In order to spend your life in a budget but want to enjoy each of the amenities of life as well, then the answer happens to be living in a condo! Piermont Grand EC will be in a super location with the best extra facilities that particular can imagine. There are particular benefits of living in a common place. Condominium give you complete security and a feeling of privacy yet many different facilities of life may also be present which are otherwise unattainable to enjoy caused by a number of reasons.

Location of Condominium:

Piermont Grand is located at Sumang walk in Punggol Singapore. This project will almost certainly comprise seventeen stories with thirteen blocks. It’s a mega project with mega facilities. Success of the project is anticipated to be a complete win for the reason that developer has won probably the most BCA awards in Singapore. This is a great value to property as a result of strategic location as well as other facilities that are being offered here. Location with this project is of effective significance which is going to face a great view of Punggol reservoir.

Living in a condo attracts specific things that a person cannot even imagine in one house. Once you live in a community with different families, plenty of expenses are shared. The outer maintenance and continuing development of landscapes ‘s all the responsibility of common management this is why expenses are shared and therefore are very less as compared with normal situations. Security is really a main concern once you live with families, a high-rise apartment solves this concern as well due to the closed structure and a well maintained security staff that is allocate for you 24/7.

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