Charcoal powder mask, The black mask that deeply exfoliates and cleanses your skin

Charcoal powder is a natural treatment that is now also indicated to eliminate toxins and chemicals that are present on the surface of the teeth.
It works because it absorbs microscopic particles that are deposited in the teeth, eliminating the stains that time and the consumption of coffee, wine, tea, and cigarettes have left on them.

The results are usually seen in a short time, obviously depending on the state of the denture when starting the teeth whitening treatment. Because they are natural, they can be used twice a day, to reach the desired tone until occasionally to make sure to maintain it.
Activewow has 3 presentations to give you the teeth whitening you are looking for:
• Activated Carbon Natural Powder, derived from high-quality coconut sources.
• Toothpaste with activated charcoal, which not only whitens but fights bad breath, and
• The packaging of 3 products created specifically to eliminate stains from coffee, tea, tobacco and yellow in general.
We have also created formulas for the detoxification of facial skin and deep cleansing.
If your skin is turned off, if the sun’s abuse, pollution or poor diet has caused premature aging, then you should try the benefits of activated carbon for your face. The same characteristics that have made it the most used product for detoxification and purification, will help you achieve incredible results on your face.
Whatever your problem is there is an active wow solution. If you remove dead cells, exfoliate and eliminate black spots, the black mask mask is treated; the black carbon mud mask and the salts of the Himalayas were created for you.
Go to and you will soon receive the solution and advice you expected at home to smile again and for very little money. Don’t wait anymore and visit our website!

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