Bone broth pho, the great and abundant bowl of broth full of flavor

The oriental gastronomy is one of the best known, it has transcended very easily to European countries and to the American continent due to the variety of its flavors and creativity in the use and preparation of its ingredients. Vietnamese food is very varied and distinguished by a proposal of broths and soups based on different meats of poultry or beef and noodles; one of the most popular is the bone broth pho, a very simple dish with a lot of flavors.The Bone broth pho is a broth very easy to prepare, it consists of cooking bones of beef on slow fire, generally, it is used the bone of the knuckles or the bone of marrow because they contain a fatty substance that contributes the main flavor and a great nutritional value. Meat and vegetables are also important in this dish, as well as some spices among which we can mention ginger, cardamom, star anise, Chinese cinnamon, white pepper, garlic, Thai basil, and chives.

To achieve a perfectly balanced bone broth pho preparation, bones from an animal that has been fed with suitable pastures (organic feed) should be used. Follow the preparation step by step and extract the fat that releases the bone inside when boiling. Add to the broth fresh herbs, the perfect point of salt, spicy and lemon. Add textured ingredients such as pieces of meat, bean sprouts, and crispy rice noodles.The bone broth pho also knew as the large and abundant bowl of broth is perfect for preparing at home and thus avoid having to consume concentrated amounts of monosodium glutamate (MSG) commonly used in restaurants for its preparation.

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