All you want to know about Kimberley Sustard

Kimberley Sustard was born in Ottawa in Canada. She grew alongside her sister in Winnipeg, Canada. She grew up as a “tomboy”. She engaged herself in activities like skiing, horse riding, rock climbing, dance, and shooting.

Education and course did by Kimberley

Kimberley completed her BA in acting in Trinity Western University in Canada. She has also played basketball before she pursued her career in acting.

Her Career in acting

Actress Kimberly Sustad got attention when she featured in a film “A bride for a Christmas.”Kimberley also got some spotlight when she played a role in the film“The nine lives of Christmas.”

Her talent in acting brought her many sitcom television shows like Supernatural, Continuum, and NewWorld. She worked in movies like “A piece of Bad luck,” “All thingsvalentine”, and many more.

The turning point to her career came in 2014 when she played the role of Marilee in the movie “The nine lives of Christmas.”

She has also made her debut in the television series “Baby seller.”

Kimberley Sustard’s personal life

Kimberley married her longtimeboyfriend Scot Sustard. The duo shares two twin daughters Vienna and Ari. Though Kimberley owns a busy schedule, she still manages to keep up some time for her family. There have also been some rumors that the duo is opting for divorce. But it turns out that there is a strong bond between them.

Sustard’shard work and dedication in the acting field have paved the way for her achievements. She has earned about half a million dollars since she started her career in 2009.

Kimberley loves to share her feelings on the social platform. She loves to use social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She keeps sharing her photos regularly on the social media.

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