A DIY Candy Dispenser Machine With A Spring Loaded Cost Effective Material

Another fun and easy to do DIY series from wengie is the DIY Candy Dispenser Machine which uses your available house hold items to construct the simple and functional candy machine. So, to first make one you will need some materials and apparatus. The materials you will need is a spring, a skewer, a small bottle cap for your button, a large piece of cardboard, and lastly a medium sized cylindrical jar, Wengie used a Nutella jar for her gumball machine. The apparatus you will need is an exacto knife made for cutting, a hot glue gun and cartridge. Some. Other optional items are spray paint of any colour and a masking tape to smoothen the design.

She cut the large piece of cardboard into three smaller pieces by referring to the template in the video provided by Wengie. If you’re using a different jar than her which has a diameter of 8.5 cm, the should you to scale the template to the appropriate size. After cutting, Wengie cut the inline rectangle available the at two smaller cardboard pieces then trace the rectangle to the lid of the jar and cut them also. Now to craft the mechanism of the machine, wengie took the skewer and poke it to the side of the cardboard. Then make sure the skewer is in place by hot gluing it to the cardboard. Then she also cut both ends of the skewer.

Now make sure you insert the spring carefully at one end and then hot glue the bottle cap to the other end of the skewer. Wengie, wrap the large piece of cardboard into three panels around the jar with the jar inverted vertically then poke a hole so that the skewer with the spring end will fit right through. The track both of the smaller price of cardboard on top of each other respectively and hot glue them perpendicularly to the jar. Fill in your jar with candy as much you can and you have made yourself a DIY candy machine believe it or not from scratch.

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